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Free Italy Travel Guides

More and more people these days are traveling without ever consulting an actual travel book. They’re relying entirely on the internet, using the world wide web to plan their trips before they go and then checking in at internet cafes (or the free computers at hotels and hostels) along the way to plan their next moves. As the writer of an online travel guide to Italy, I’m a big fan of people like that. And yet I’m the kind of person who, in addition to all that online research, also likes to have something in front of me to read as I’m physically walking around in the city I’m visiting. That’s why I’m so pleased that BootsnAll has developed a new partnership to offer free downloadable Italy travel guides.

There are lots of cities and regions represented on the list below, and you can find even more near the top of the Italy Travel Guide page, including the biggest tourist destinations and plenty of less-visited places as well. Check them out, and download them to print out for your upcoming trip to Italy. Or, if you’re trying to stay paper-less and you’re carrying your laptop with you, just save them to your computer and consult them each morning before you head out for the day’s adventures. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve got all the necessary information even when you can’t connect to the internet.

Here are some of the Italy Travel Guides we’ve got available for downloading:
Bologna Travel Guide
Cagliari Travel Guide
Catania Travel Guide
Florence Travel Guide
Milan Travel Guide
Naples Travel Guide
Palermo Travel Guide
Parma Travel Guide
Perugia Travel Guide
Pisa Travel Guide
Rome Travel Guide
Turin Travel Guide
Venice Travel Guide
Verona Travel Guide