Fun Treasure Hunt = Cool Travel Prizes

If you’re like most travelers, even if you love Italy you probably have dreams of seeing the rest of the world, too. And if you’re like most people I know, finding the money to see and do everything you want can be almost as much of a problem as finding the time. That’s why the BootsnAll Treasure Hunt is such a cool thing – if you win, you could get your hands on a $2000 round-the-world airline ticket, among other excellent prizes. Then all you’d have to do is quit your job and take off…


Seriously, though, the prizes for this travel contest are really amazing, and you’ve got quite a good chance of winning something meaningful here. The contest has been going since May 1, but you can catch up now and still grab the big prize. Register here and get playing! And if you’ve got questions, you can hope for mercy from your fellow hunters in the travel contest forum.




Good luck!

Photo by: SuperJet International

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