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Gadling's Travel Talk in Rome

You may already be familiar with the travel news site Gadling – if you are, you may also be familiar with the site’s relatively new travel podcast show Travel Talk. It’s a fun series (hosted by travel junkies Aaron Murphy and Stephen Greenwood) if you’re interested in following travel news, but they also tend to feature a destination each week that may be of interest to travelers as well.
Recently, the Travel Talk team went to Rome on the inaugural Alitalia direct flight from Los Angeles to Rome – and they produced three episodes out of their trip to Italy’s capital city. Each episode is below, so you can enjoy them one after another.
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Travel Talk – LAX to Rome in Style

In which the Travel Talk hosts take the first non-stop Alitalia flight from Los Angeles to Rome, demonstrating that Business Class on Alitalia is pretty sweet, and Aaron sets foot in Europe for the first time.

Travel Talk – Ancient Rome

In which the Travel Talk hosts visit some of the highlights of Rome – including the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Spanish Steps – and show you how to re-find your tour group when you get lost. (Oops.)

Travel Talk – Vatican, Vespas, & Rome’s Nightlife

In which the Travel Talk hosts discover the difference between the Vatican and the Holy See, get around the lines at the Vatican Museum, and rent shiny red Vespas to zip around the city.