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Getting Married in Italy: Easier Than it Used to Be

2006 marked ten years since the husband and I first met. We waited quite awhile to get married, as we were focused on spending money elsewhere (on, say, trips to Italy). We looked into eloping in Italy, but found it to be a terribly cumbersome process that was the very opposite of the word “spontaneous.” (You’ve got to figure that any country that houses the Vatican isn’t going to be so keen on eloping.)

Getting married in Italy, however, is more and more easy with the advent of wedding planners with whom you can converse via email. They can take the confusion out of the process and help navigate all the red tape (I swear, Italy invented red tape). Here’s just a snapshot of why you’d want to consider Italy for your destination wedding. It’s worth a look, if only for the photo – do they really throw brides around like that?