Getting Married in Italy

For many travel enthusiasts, the best possible way to celebrate a wedding would be to do it overseas. Whether you choose to elope in secret or transport your entire wedding party to some foreign locale, a destination wedding is certainly one way to make your wedding day memorable. As someone who chose to elope overseas, I can certainly attest to the added feeling of excitement in knowing you’re exchanging your vows at the same time as you’re doing the thing you love most in the world – traveling.


I got married in Scotland, and it was fabulous. A few years before during our first trip to Italy, however, the husband (then boyfriend) and I investigated the possibility of getting married while in Italy. As far as I’m concerned (and this only becomes more cemented in my mind the more I learn about Italy), the Italian government invented red tape. It’s no easy task to get married in Italy as a non-resident, and even more challenging to do it on anything resembling the spur of the moment. You have to think that any country that houses the Mothership of the Catholic church isn’t going to make eloping easy.




Getting married in Italy is, however, immensely popular – for obvious reasons – and it’s definitely not impossible to arrange it. There are countless agencies which will take care of the details for you, making your day hassle-free. If you’re intrigued, check out these five videos on getting married in Italy – they might just whet your appetite even more. Just doing a search for “weddings in Italy” will yield plenty of results, so do your research and make your wedding day molto speciale.

Photo by: Travis Simon

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