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Go Galavanting's Rome Episode

Although the gals from Go Galavanting went to Rome many months ago, it’s only yesterday that I finally got around to watching their Rome episode. To be fair, it’s only a couple weeks ago that they finally posted it, so it’s not all my fault… And the good news is it was worth the wait.
Whether you’ve been to Rome before or not, take a few minutes to watch this fun show about Italy’s capital city. Among the many reasons why I’m envious of the Galavanting crew’s trip, foremost on my list is that they got to don aprons at the Giolitti gelateria in Rome and make a batch of gelato. So. Very. Jealous.

You can read more about the Galavanting gals’ Rome trip here, and browse around the site for episodes from other destinations, too. Their Italian adventure took them to other places besides Rome, so I’m still not-so-secretly hoping there are more Italy episodes to come.