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How to Set Up a Prepaid Cell Phone in Italy

More and more travelers are choosing to stay connected with folks back home – as well as people they meet along the way – by purchasing prepaid cell phones in the countries they’re visiting. It’s both cheap and easy to stay in touch this way, but if you don’t know what you’re doing with a prepaid mobile phone it can be frustrating.

When I last visited Italy, I had to have a prepaid cell phone because my US-based phone doesn’t even work outside the US (don’t get me started on how stupid that is). So, I bought a prepaid cell phone in Italy – I actually picked it up en route from the airport to the hotel just a couple hours after I’d arrived! And then, a couple days later, I recorded a video to show others how to set up a prepaid mobile phone in Italy (or elsewhere), including how to insert a SIM card and how to add additional talk time to a phone.

How to set Up a Prepaid Cell Phone in Italy

In addition to the valuable information I’m giving you in that video, I can also say that the hotel I was staying in at the time should probably put a piece of art or something on the wall above the headboard. Too bad I didn’t have a green screen to put up behind me, because then we could have pretended I was recording this video from inside St. Peter’s or something. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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