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Indie Trips that Include Italy

Lots of travelers plan backpacking trips around Europe, utilizing the Eurail and various low cost airlines to get around. But there are plenty of other travelers who are planning even longer, round the world type trips, and want to add Italy and other destinations around Europe to the itinerary.

For longer trips, it’s smart to use companies who sell multi-stop plane tickets. BootsnAll has Indie, which allows you to search, price, and buy all online, within minutes.

We chose three longer trips that include Italy in the plan. Keep in mind that with any of the trips below, you can completely customize to make your own, even the departure city! Simply register for a (free) account, change any destinations and dates around, click “search fares,” and instantly get a price. If you like any of the prices and trips you see, you can purchase them – all online.

This round the world trip originates in New York City before going to Morocco, Rome, Russia, China, Bangkok, and LA before returning home.

This trip is a great one for anyone looking to take a gap year. Visit some amazing regions of the world – South America, USA, Europe, and SE Asia on your world tour.

This 8 stop RTW trip goes through Southeast Asia, China, and Europe before coming back to the US.

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