Italian News Snippets: 22 January 2007

There’s just too much news out there. Will they stop making news? Probably not. So, I’ll play catch-up here and let you investigate further on your own:


    • Search for Leonardo’s “lost fresco”Da Vinci Code art sleuth and all – is back on, while the Mona Lisa’s burial place has been located in Florence.

        • Naomi Campbell’s angry tantrums reach all the way to Rome, and we can only hope those “soothing crystals in her bra and panties” start to work. Either that or the anger management classes she was sentenced to.


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                • Will Smith chose an Italian director for his most recent film – does that explain the misspelling of the title?

                  • Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is starting his overseas Presidential campaign in the mother country.

                    • Naples will host the world’s first global salt fair in May, which they say will be “an event of cultural importance.” This comes from what could be Italy’s most superstitious city, though, so take it with a grain of…

                         Photo by: Agnieszka Fierek

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