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Italy Travel Deals from Multiple Sources in One Place

alitaliaWhen you’re planning a vacation, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at several different websites trying to find the best travel deals to Italy. And since you’ll probably be hunting for more than just airplane tickets you might want to consider a package deal that includes some combination of airfare, hotel and/or car rental for your trip. Personally, I always used to be skeptical of those package deals, thinking they were either not actually a very good deal or only intended for the people who were going on those big-bus tours. It turns out neither of those old perceptions is true – package deals aren’t always the cheaper option, but you can sometimes save big over buying each element separately. And package deals aren’t for any certain type of person, except the type of person who’s trying to save a bit of money on their Italy vacation!

BootsnAll has set up a system that gathers the travel deals to Italy from several sources all in one handy place so it’s easier to keep track of them. These deals include both package deals to Italy and also just simple cheap flights or cheap hotel offers. The only trouble with the system is that the “Italy Travel Deals” page doesn’t include the city-specific deals, and vice versa, so you’ve got to check a few pages to see all the deals available. This is still a big time-saver over checking all over the web for travel deals to Italy, though, so I’d suggest you bookmark these pages (or this post, which has links to all of them!) and check back as you’re planning your Italy trip. The deals can change frequently, and some will have a short window in which you can take advantage of them, so it pays to check in regularly.

The pages you should pay attention to are:
Italy Travel Deals
Rome Travel Deals
Venice Travel Deals
Florence Travel Deals

Also note that if a page appears empty when you look at it, it’s not an error – it just means that at that very moment there aren’t any travel deals to that specific destination. But click around to the other ones and see if you can use one of them.