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“Madeline and the Cats of Rome” Book Just Released

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid I loved the Madeline books – that intrepid little explorer never failed to charm, and I distinctly remember the images from those books of the Eiffel Tower and other points in Paris. They made the stories seem exotic and interesting, and yet accessible. So I’m thrilled to have learned that there’s a new Madeline book that’s just been released – and this time she’s in Rome!

Madeline and the Cats of Rome is written by the grandson of the original author of the Madeline books, and this story involves our familiar heroine on a trip to Rome. From the Amazon review:

The Paris skies are gray, so Miss Clavel and the twelve little girls are leaving for brighter weather — spring in Rome. Rome has wonderful sights to see and delicious things to eat, but Madeline also finds an unexpected adventure, involving a thief, a chase, and many, many cats.

If you’re planning a trip to Rome with your kids, this might be a great way to help them get into the whole trip planning excitement. And even if you’re not going to Rome anytime soon, you can expand your kids’ horizons with a spin through the Eternal City with Madeline and the Cats of Rome!