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NY-Italy Airfare Deal: $399 RT, including Fuel Surcharge

I’m getting this straight from Arthur Frommer (well, straight from his blog, anyway), and it’s such a great deal I wanted to pass it along to you immediately. From Frommer’s blog:

If you phone Eurofly no earlier than Wednesday, September 10, you’ll discover that on the three days from Wednesday through Friday of this week, September 10 to 12, Eurofly will be selling round-trip flights in September and October between New York and either Rome, Naples, Palermo, or Bologna, for the exceptional price of only $399 per person, including fuel surcharge. In other words, while other people are paying $1,100 and more, plus fuel surcharge, to fly between the U.S. and Italy, you’ll be paying only $399, including fuel surcharge.

That’s right, people – $399 round-trip from New York to Italy, fuel surcharge included. If you’re already in the New York area, it’s an absolute steal. And if you’re not, you’ll have every incentive to find a flight to New York so you can hop on a Eurofly flight to Italy. Even with the added hassle of buying a separate ticket to get to NYC, you’ll probably still end up saving money.

This deal may or may not be available on the Eurofly website, according to Frommer (and his top-secret Deep Throat source), so program the Eurofly number into your speed dial and call ’em up later this week to book your ticket – 1-800-459-0581.