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One night free in an Italian B&B? Where do I sign up?


If you’re going to be in Italy over March 3, first of all I’m quite envious. I mean, it’s rather rude of you to be going to Italy without me, don’t you think? After all I’ve done for you? Second, you’ll want to take advantage of a free night at an Italian B&B. I mean, free is a very good price.

It’s being called “B&B Day,” and is designed to celebrate the increase in the number of B&Bs that have popped up throughout the country. (I imagine it’s also a marketing move, but hey, if it still means people get a free night in a B&B, that’s fine by me.)

Not every B&B in the country is participating in B&B Day, so ask before you book. You also have to stay at least one more night in said B&B in order to get a free night, but that works out to two nights for the price of one, which ain’t a bad deal. For more information, check out the link at Zoomata.