Prodi Faces Confidence Votes in Parliament This Week

Remember when I mentioned that Italian politics were confusing? Well, add this feather to that cap. Last week, Premier Romano Prodi handed in his resignation to Italy’s president following a defeat in the Senate, right? President Giorgio Napolitano rejected Prodi’s resignation over the weekend, so now he’s facing a confidence vote in both chambers of parliament. The leader of Prodi’s coalition’s largest party is sure they’ve got a majority which will return Prodi to power.


The “do-or-die” vote in the Italian Senate is tomorrow, followed by a vote in the House on Friday. Though some are optimistic, others who were former supporters of Prodi are still wavering. In a speech before the Senate today, Prodi said reforming Italian electoral law was a priority for his government, should he still be in power by the end of this week.




And yes, my head is in knots trying to follow all of this, too.

Photo by: Denis Sarkic

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