Ravenna Hosts Dante Festival in September

Italofile has posted their “What’s On” list for September, and one of them looks interesting to me:

    • Ravenna is home to a Dante festival running throughout September, called Settembre Dantesco. Italofile notes that the festival’s programs are “geared towards fluent Italian speakers,” but as far as I’m concerned any time a town has a festival it’s a good time to be there. Even if it’s nothing you understand or it’s not even a topic that interests you, when a city hosts a festival it’s like seeing that city in its Sunday best. And if you can’t understand the lectures, you can still take in the scenery of Ravenna, which is delightful. More information about Settembre Dantesco is here.
    • Another note on Italofile says that Siena’s Duomo’s gorgeous mosaic-covered floor will be completely unveiled through October 27th. (While most of the floor is generally viewable, some parts are covered.) The only reference I can find on the Duomo’s website, however, is from such an unveiling in 2004. Perhaps they do this every year? If someone knows, or has reference to a mention of this year’s event, let me know.

Photo by: mario bellavite




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