Resources for Italian Expressions

I’m a huge fan of Italian sayings, so I was very pleased to come across a few pages on the Moving2Italy2 blog that deal with Italian sayings and expressions. Each page is a collection of links to other websites, and each page is occasionally updated with more information, so they’re worth bookmarking and returning to.




  • The first page deals with Italian Language Survival Phrases, so would be a good page to browse through before your upcoming trip to Italy. There are sound clips for many of the links, which is always helpful when learning a language, and some have helpful decoders.
  • The Italian Phrases page has phrase guides, more sound clips and something called “Slanguage” in the “Fun Italian” category. Some of the links on this page would be more useful if you already had a basic understanding of the language, while others will be helpful if you’re just trying to learn a few things to aid you on your next Italian trip.
  • Proverbs tend to be colorful in any language, and the Italian Proverbs page shows that’s true in Italian, too. There are even links for proverbs which are particular to different regions, including Sicily.
  • Finally, we have the Italian Expressions page, which has links for common expressions and some word games and puzzles.

Under the “See Also” portion of each page there are more resources, too, so keep scrolling.

Photo by: Tullio Dainese

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