Romantic Hotels in Venice

Venice is easily one of the most romantic cities on earth, let alone in Italy, so it’s not hard to understand why so many newlyweds decide to include it on their honeymoon itinerary. I regularly get emails from readers who are planning a honeymoon in Italy and want suggestions for a hotel in Venice that’s worth a splurge. They’re usually content traveling through the rest of Italy like they normal travel, but in Venice they want an over-the-top experience. And who can blame them?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that most of the hotels that can be considered truly romantic in Venice aren’t exactly budget-friendly. But unless you’re going to be in Venice for a long time, that hefty nightly rate might not seem so bad. And if Venice is your first stop in Italy and you’re hoping to start your honeymoon off right, then booking 1-2 nights in a luxurious hotel in Venice is an excellent way to do that.

On the map below, you’ll find the romantic hotels featured on this list. You can learn more about each one by clicking on the blue hotel icon – or you can read a few details about each hotel if you scroll down underneath the map.

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Romantic Hotels in Venice

Romantic Venice Hotels

Ca’ Maria Adele
It’s not a good idea to throw the word “opulent” around too much, lest it lose its meaning. But there’s almost no other way to describe the 12 individually-decorated rooms of the boutique Ca’ Maria Adele hotel.

Five of the rooms have themes, including the romantic The Doge’s Room with its red silk wall coverings, but even the hotel’s non-themed rooms are decked out with the finest accoutrements you could want. And the common areas are sumptuous as well, such as the Moroccan-themed terrace.

The hotel is in the Dorsoduro district of Venice, across the Grand Canal from St. Mark’s Square.
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Bauer Il Palazzo
There are four properties in Venice under the “Bauer” umbrella, all of them luxurious and upscale, but even among such great company the Bauer Il Palazzo stands out. The palazzo overlooks the Grand Canal, and the views across the canal are stunning. The hotel has its own boat landing, and every single room is individually (and beautifully) decorated.

There are 36 rooms and, if that’s not enough, there are more than 40 suites as well. There’s an on-site restaurant if you don’t want to stray too far from your room. But if you do wander, you’re not far from St. Mark’s Square.
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Hotel Canal
As you’d probably guess by the name, the Hotel Canal is one of the hotels right on the Grand Canal. The building is slightly newer than some of the others along the canal – this one only dates to the 18th century – but it boasts something many buildings in Venice don’t have: a private garden. Garden spaces are few and far between in Venice, so this private garden (only open in the summer) is a real treat.




Many of the Hotel Canal’s 17 rooms overlook the Grand Canal, and if they don’t then chances are good they overlook the internal garden. The hotel is not far from the train station.
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Hotel Principe
The Hotel Principe is another hotel that’s right on the Grand Canal, but this 4-star establishment adds an extra bit of “oomph” to the view with its high-class style. Because not only do many of the rooms have view overlooking the Grand Canal, the hotel itself has its own boat landing. Which means you could conceivably end your romantic gondola ride by having the gondolier pull right up to your hotel. How high-class is that?

The hotel has more than 130 rooms, so you can have a little bit of guest anonymity if you want it, and it’s near the train station for easy access.

Hotel Rialto
Aside from St. Mark’s Square, one of the other instantly recognizable landmarks in Venice is the Rialto Bridge – so what better way to inspire sighs than to stay at the Hotel Rialto right next to the bridge? This 4-star hotel is in a great central location for exploring the city, and it’s also beautifully decorated in an 18th century style. Not all of the rooms have views of the Rialto Bridge, so be sure to specify that when you’re booking.

There are 79 rooms at the Hotel Rialto, and 28 of them overlook the Grand Canal and the bridge bearing the hotel’s name. There are also suites available for an extra level of luxury.

Palazzo Barbarigo
Palazzo Barbarigo is, as the name suggests, a Venetian palazzo that’s been reborn as an upscale hotel. Instead of embracing the century of the building’s construction, however, the designers went for a decidedly more modern approach inside – the interior is all about the 1920s. So while there’s definitely a sense of modernity, the hotel manages to maintain a sense of history and elegance.

There are 18 rooms in the hotel, which overlooks the Grand Canal and a small side canal as well. You can even splurge on a corner room for a view of both.

Ca’ Dei Conti
St. Mark’s Square can be unbearably crowded in the height of summer and around Carnivale, but it’s also unbelievably romantic at night when the streetlamps are on and the crowds have gone. So having a hotel near the square can be a huge bonus on a romantic trip. The Ca’ Dei Conti is a 4-star hotel in another former palazzo with its own tiny footbridge and boat entrance, roughly 200 meters from St. Mark’s Square and its beautiful cathedral.

The hotel has only 17 rooms, and it’s in the Castello district which is behind St. Mark’s Basilica.

Hotel Vecellio
Sometimes when you think “romantic” you just want to get away from everything – and everyone – else. With the Hotel Vecellio, you at least get started in that direction. The hotel is located on the Fondamenta Nuove on the northern edge of the islands, which is typically an area most people don’t wander into much (unless they’re going to or from the nearby vaporetto stop for the lagoon islands). The 3-star hotel is elegantly decorated, and many rooms have big exposed wooden beams in the ceilings.

The hotel, with only 8 rooms total, is run by a native Venetian who’s always ready with helpful suggestions (should you want them).

Ca’ Pisani Hotel
Venice may look aged and falling apart on the outside, but inside many of the former palazzi you’ll find all kinds of modernity. The Ca’ Pisani Hotel has been remodeled to echo the 1930s Art Deco style, so while it’s not modern-day it’s certainly more modern than the 16th century building it occupies.

There are 29 rooms in this stylish hotel, which is in the Dorsoduro district near the Accademia Bridge and right next door to the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

Hotel Cipriani
If you’re familiar with luxury hotels in Venice, you’ve probably heard of Cipriani before. The Cipriani name is almost synonymous with Venetian elegance – there’s the small and high-end “locanda” on Torcello, the Hotel Cipriani (which I’ll get to in a minute), and Harry’s Bar. Yes, the famous Harry’s Bar is a Cipriani property, too. The Cipriani patriarch founded Harry’s Bar in 1931 and remains an expensive bar (and tourist attraction) to this day.

But the Hotel Cipriani is the property I’m going to highlight for this list of romantic Venice hotels, because if you really want to indulge in the ultimate in romantic hotels, you can’t do much better than this. The hotel is located on the Giudecca, which would make it not ideally situated for sightseeing in Venice, but at the Hotel Cipriani this isn’t a problem. For one thing, the view of St. Mark’s Square and Basilica from the hotel is stunning. For another, the hotel provides private transport to the other Venetian islands for all guests.

Everything about the Hotel Cipriani is elegant, every whim is attended to, and you may never want to leave. There are 95 rooms and suites in the hotel, many of which have views of St. Mark’s Basilica, and the hotel boasts one of the only swimming pools in the entire city of Venice.

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