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Romantic Venice in Daylight [Video]

I’ve made no secret of my deep affection for Venice, but the Venice that steals my heart is most often the nighttime city – the one where day trippers have left the city a far quieter version of itself, where the unknown waits in shadows and around every corner, where abandoned alleys are silent but for the gentle lap of water against the sidewalk…
While I love daytime Venice, too, I’ve never thought it to be nearly as romantic as nighttime Venice. This video, however, made me sigh heavily and repeatedly with longing for the canal city – it’s a beautiful rendering of the romantic city I adore, highlighting its more colorful, sunlit side.

Around Venezia from Icam on Vimeo.

The brilliantly-colored buildings are primarily on the island of Burano, which is one stop on what I consider to be an ideal day trip from Venice – taking in the lagoon islands. You can base yourself on Burano, however, and get a bit further away from the tourist hordes that crowd the city during the day.