Settimana Santa – Holy Week in Vatican City

Even if you’re not Catholic (heck, even if you’re not religious), being in Vatican City on Easter weekend might just be worth braving the crowds. If you happen to be in Rome this weekend, here’s the Pope’s schedule. It actually began on April 1, because the whole week is holy. (You might already know this, but I had no idea until I read it just now.)

St Peter's basillica, Vatican City, Rome

At any rate, here’s the weekend schedule:

Saturday, April 7 – Holy Saturday
Easter Vigil in the Holy Night, Vatican Basilica, 10 p.m.




Sunday, April 8 – Easter Sunday
Mass of the Day, St. Peter’s Square, 10:30 a.m.
“Urbi et Orbi” Message and Blessing, Vatican Basilica, noon

You can read more about the holy week, or Settimana Santa, here.

Photo by: Emma in NY

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