Spread a Travel Rumor, Win Lufthansa Tickets

Psst – I’ve heard a rumor about travel in Italy. I’ve heard that the table wine is always excellent, Italians drive like maniacs, Tuscany is more beautiful than words can describe and Florence has the best gelato in the country. Are all those things true? It almost doesn’t matter – you kind of want to go there and find out for yourself either way.

Well, Lufthansa is now encouraging us to start rumors about foreign countries. They’ve launched a contest they’re calling RumorTravels, and all you need to do is come up with a travel rumor about a foreign country and how it would make someone want to visit that country. You can submit your rumor in the form of a video or an essay or both. And the grand prize? Two round-trip tickets to Europe on Lufthansa. Where do I sign up?




And it doesn’t matter if your rumor is something not everyone knows (Florence has the best gelato) or something everyone knows (Italians drink lots of coffee). If you check out some of the existing videos you’ll see people aren’t exactly reaching too far with some of them – Sweden has the most beautiful women, for instance, or Germany is full of beer drinkers. See? Not rocket science here, people.

The RumorTravels contest ends on October 31, 2007, so get your rumor mill working soon.

Photo by: Alberto Cucini

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