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Thirsty in Italy? Belly Up to the Blog.


As I was browsing my Italy news feeds this morning, a pattern began to emerge… So rather than fight it, I’m giving in to it. I give you today’s collection of news bits, all having to do with beverages.

  • First of all, we have a wonderful explanation of why Italians drink so much bottled water from Deirdre. It’s not the fact that it’s bottled – in other words, not just any bottled water will do – it’s all about where the water comes from. Most Italians drink bottled water that comes from actual mountain springs because it tastes better. Sure, you can order tap water in a restaurant, and drink tap water in your hotel or apartment, but the spring water often tastes better. And if you thought water is water is water and it all tastes the same, Deirdre’s here to tell you that’s just not so. After some time you’ll probably begin to develop a taste for the subtle differences (usually due to the mineral content of the spring from which the water comes), and probably have preferences for one source over another. Just think – you could come home from an Italian vacation having turned into a wine snob and a water snob.
  • The Pope might put his pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us (wait, does the Pope even wear pants under that robe??), but as Shelley points out, it would be silly to expect him to drink the same milk the rest of us do. Instead, Vatican City shoppers with special passes are allowed into the secret markets to buy “Ponteficial Villa Farm” milk, along with other probably blessed groceries. I can almost hear you scoffing out there – go see the picture if you don’t believe me.
  • And finally, as Deirdre mentioned, most Italian fridges aren’t stocked with soft drinks and beer like their American counterparts. Well, Italian fridges might not have beer on the inside, but apparently now they’ve got it in a handy dispenser on the outside. That’s right, folks – it’s a beer tap on the fridge’s front door. Gotta love the Italian flair for design.