Tired of Italy? Travel to Turkey.

To completely bastardize a quote by Samuel Johnson, “When one is tired of Italy, one is tired of life.” However, I can see how even if one were happily ensconced in all things Italian, one might want to venture out and see new places now and again. And if you’re one of those people, try this adventure trip to Turkey on for size.


This 12-day tour of all the highlights of central and southern Turkey includes “horseback riding, rafting, trekking, cycling, and a 4-day cruise on an old world sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea, complete with swimming, snorkeling and seafood.” Even for this Italophile, that sounds pretty sweet. The group is limited to 12 people, so you’re assured that you won’t be one of those tour groups herded about like so many cattle… No, this is a different kind of tour.




The trip leaves on July 8th, so get your reservation in soon. You can read more about the trip here, or contact Donovan directly at 1-866-549-7614 (in the US) for more information.

Photo by: stefano

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