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Venice Backstage: Behind the Scenes Video

We’ve all heard about how Venice is sinking, but when you’re walking through its streets it’s easy to think those stories are exaggerations – even with the water lapping at your feet. A new video put out by the company that’s charged with maintenance of the city sheds light on the damage water causes, and the measures Venice takes to combat that damage.
It’s a fascinating video – it’s not short, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing. You’ll learn all kinds of interesting tidbits about Venice that will certainly have you looking at it differently the next time you’re there.

Venice Backstage. How does Venice work? from Insula spa on Vimeo.

As an added bonus, this video is part of a larger project that the maintenance company has produced – an entire website called Venice Backstage, with similar information about how Venice works. It’s in English and Italian, and all kinds of interesting.
>> Hat tip to Melanie of Italofile who wrote about the Venice Backstage site and this video.