Visa Change: No Work Permits Required for 3 Month Stays


Good news for anyone who’s looking for more time than a two-week vacation in Italy, but isn’t quite sure they want to become permanent residents:

Foreigners can now live in Italy for study or work for up to three months without the dreaded stay permit (permesso di soggiorno).

It’s not yet official, although it seems to be only awaiting the equivalent of a rubber stamp, but once it’s a done deal it’ll be a fantastic thing for people who want the experience of working on an olive farm, teaching English, taking a class or whatever for a couple months.

I particularly like the bit about carrying around a copy of the law with you to show to officials who question you. I’m not entirely sure how much that would help, because I don’t know of government officials anywhere who like to be told they’re wrong, but it would really make you feel righteous as you’re being deported, wouldn’t it?




Now if I disappear for three months, you’ll know what I’m up to.

Photo by: 7th Groove

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