Where in Italy would you spend one week?

Not too long ago on the BootsnAll Community, someone posted a question about having a whopping three days to spend in Venice and Florence, and wanted advice from members about which city to spend more time in. The majority of the respondents said Florence (one day for Venice and then off to Florence), but it got me thinking – I, of course, had a hard time answering that question because what I advised was something more like, “Pick one or the other – for that short amount of time, don’t try to do both.” But I get it, sometimes you only have enough time to get a taste of a city before you have to move on. It’s a tough choice, but I know people have to make it all the time.


At any rate, I found a little poll-creating doohickey and thought I’d ask you all to choose one city to spend a holiday in. You can’t choose “other,” you have to choose from among Italy’s “Holy Trinity.” I know, I’m mean. I’m just trying to get an idea of which of these three cities is really the most popular. Thanks for your help!




Photo by: mmdurango

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