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If you’ve got more than two weeks to spend on your vacation in Italy, you might have found lots of great suggestions for a 2-week Italy trip and be wondering what to do with your third week. Sometimes it’s as simple as tacking another week onto an existing 2-week itinerary, […]

3-Week Italy Itinerary: Italy’s Greatest Hits

All you have to say is “island off the coast of Italy” to make most budget travelers look elsewhere for a place to stay. And who can blame them? Islands tend to be the playgrounds of the rich and famous – and when you’re talking about Ischia, the biggest island […]

Cheap Hostels in Ischia

The island of Capri is absolutely one of those places where Hollywood actors go on holiday, so the concept of a budget traveler visting Capri for anything more than a day trip might seem silly. The truth is that while you can easily spend a fortune on a luxury hotel […]

Cheap Hostels in Capri

Travelers who are on a serious budget may hear “Amalfi Coast” and assume it’s off-limits to anyone but the rich and famous. Yes, it can be more expensive to visit the Amalfi Coast than some other parts of Italy, and you can certainly splurge on a gorgeous hotel with seaviews […]

Cheap Hostels in Amalfi

It’s one of the most popular parts of Italy for vacationers, but many people don’t realize that the Amalfi Coast contains a town called Amalfi. It’s right in the middle of the coastal towns that are considered part of the Amalfi Coast, it’s a major transportation hub (relatively speaking, that […]

Cheap Hotels in Amalfi