Bologna may be the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region and home to Europe’s oldest university, but it tends to be just far enough of the tourist radar that the youthful energy you’re likely to see in the piazza isn’t that of travelers but of students. It is, however, popular with […]

Cheap Hostels in Bologna

Ask many Italians and – if they’re being honest and not just saying their mother’s cooking is the best – they’ll tell you the cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region is Italy’s best. And Bologna, as the capital of the Emilia-Romagna, is sort of like the food capital of the country. […]

Cheap Hotels in Bologna

Traveling by train in Italy has long been one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting around the country (so long as you’re not sidelined by an unexpected transportation strike, that is), but Trenitalia, the national train system, has just introduced a long-awaited addition to the already efficient rail […]

New Alta Velocità Trains in Italy Make Milan-Rome a 3.5-hour ...

Either someone at the New York Times has a serious love affair happening with Italy (understandable), or there’s something fishy going on. They’ve had more Italian destinations in their “36 Hours” series than I can remember, and the latest is on a city I’ve come to love and which many […]

NY Times Trying to Sell Bologna

Some of you may remember a post I wrote about the husband’s and my last trip to Italy, where we stopped outside Bologna to see a Ferrari Formula 1 car on the legendary car maker’s own test track. (That’s the outline of the track to the right – no, it’s […]

Another Close Encounter of the Ferrari Kind

In celebration of World Nutella Day, I’d like to talk about something the husband and I spotted in Bologna last September. We were foolish in that we didn’t go in (I don’t recall, perhaps it was closed – that will, at least, be my excuse now), but it remains a […]

Celebrate World Nutella Day with a Visit to a Nutelleria