If you’ve got more than two weeks to spend on your vacation in Italy, you might have found lots of great suggestions for a 2-week Italy trip and be wondering what to do with your third week. Sometimes it’s as simple as tacking another week onto an existing 2-week itinerary, […]

3-Week Italy Itinerary: Italy’s Greatest Hits

Visitors to the Cinque Terre will be familiar with the name La Spezia, as it’s the largest major city near the collection of five small fishing villages. La Spezia isn’t a very large city, however, and it can serve as a good homebase from which to explore the region – […]

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If the first place you think of when you think of Liguria isn’t the Cinque Terre, chances are very good it’s Portofino. This similarly small fishing village is further north along the Ligurian coastline, almost unreasonably picturesque, and a popular stop for smaller cruise ships that can anchor offshore and […]

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How can you enjoy a view off the Ligurian coast without squeezing into the tiny Cinque Terre with everyone else? Easy – pick a different Ligurian coastal city. Portovenere is nearby, somewhat larger than the Cinque Terre villages, and although it’s definitely a tourist town it isn’t generally as crowded […]

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Not far from the French border is the seaside city of Sanremo in Liguria. It’s less famous as a beach town than the Cinque Terre villages or the cruise port city of Portofino, but it’s well-known within Italy as the end-point of two big races (one car race and one […]

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In Liguria, the Cinque Terre get nearly all the focus – and understandably so. But the region is narrow and hugs the coastline, so there are many more seaside towns to explore, many of which are more budget-friendly. A short distance from the French border is the town of Ventimiglia, […]

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Liguria is probably most famous for the towns of the Cinque Terre, or the cruise port of Portofino, but the city of Sanremo is famous for its own reasons. It’s the first city you’ll come to if you’re driving along the coast from France, and it’s the finishing point for […]

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Despite the fact that the five tiny towns of the Cinque Terre take up only an extremely small portion of the Ligurian coast, they remain one of the biggest tourist draws in the region. That’s not to say there aren’t other places worth visiting in Liguria, however, and in fact […]

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