Moving to Italy

Well, apparently I’ve been working toward living in the wrong European country. Either that, or my Outer European is the dominant one here and my Inner European has learned to keep her damned mouth shut. Really, though, my favorite color is orange, so maybe there’s something to this… Your Inner […]

My Inner European is Dutch

Even if you’re prepared for culture shock, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less, well, shocking. And, as we’re learning already, it begins even before you’ve left the comfort of home. Take, for instance, the Italian tendency toward procrastination. It’s well-documented, and we’ve read about it – there’s […]

Expat Roadblocks: Experiencing Culture Shock at Home

  Anyone who thinks the American political system is confusing is warned to not even attempt to figure out the Italian political system. (“System” might be a bit of a strong word to use there.) The husband actually did a bit of research into the whole process for an Italian […]

Italian Politics: Can You Keep Track?