The Umbrian hilltop town of Perugia has long been famous for its university (especially popular with foreigners learning Italian) and its chocolate festival (held each October). More recently it’s been in the news as the backdrop for a murder and subsequent trial, but as most people will tell you that […]

Cheap Hostels in Perugia

Tuscany may get most of the press, but the hilltop city of Perugia in Umbria has long been a magnet for visitors. In fact, it’s one of the top destinations for students learning Italian, as there’s a famous university in the city. Perugia is also home to a world-famous chocolate […]

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Perugia’s famous chocolate festival, Eurochocolate, is going on this week in the capital of Umbria. The fun got started on Saturday, when a giant PlayStation 3 game console – entirely made of chocolate – was unveiled, and then 200 smaller chocolate PlayStation 3 controllers were broken up and dispersed through […]

Eurochocolate 2007: The Era of Chocolate

If you’ve ever had a Baci* chocolate – those little chocolate hazelnut treats that come in silver and blue foil and have cute sayings in four languages on a little “fortune” inside – you’ve had chocolate from Perugia. That mouthful of delight, however, is only the beginning of Perugia’s place […]

Eurochocolate festival: Eating Sweet in Perugia