NOTE TO READERS WHO ARE INDEPENDENT TRAVELERS: If you’d like to simply be pointed in the right direction but craft your own Italy itinerary, then I recommend looking at my article about how to create the perfect Italy itinerary – it’s precisely what I do when I’m making my own […]

Italy Itinerary: The Perfect Two Weeks

Not long ago, the husband and I were watching an Italian football match on TV between Siena and someone else. The game was being played in Siena, and all around the borders of the pitch there were those rotating billboard ads which would change every minute or so. I’m pretty […]

The World’s Oldest Bank is in Italy

The husband and I visited Siena in late July 2001, and – like many who visit the city – we loved it. We stayed at a B&B within the old city walls in a room with a frescoed ceiling and a view overlooking the Tuscan hills. We wandered the winding […]

Palio di Siena: More than Just a Horse Race