There’s something appealing about old walled cities, and the town of Lucca in northern Tuscany is no exception. It’s by no means off the beaten path, in that it’s been popular with tourists for many decades, but it’s a small enough town that many people still use it as a […]

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When you see pictures of the rolling hills of Tuscany, complete with pretty hill towns, chances are pretty good you’re looking at the area that includes the town of Montepulciano. And if you’re a wine lover, chances are also good that the name Montepulciano is familiar to you. The town’s […]

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The town of Pienza is in beautiful central Tuscany in the famous Val d’Orcia, and the region surrounding this pretty town is incredibly picturesque. Pienza itself is a UNESO World Heritage Site, as is the whole Val d’Orcia, and just in the town there are churches, palazzi, and gardens to […]

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