One of the more popular hill towns in Tuscany for day trips from Florence is San Gimignano – but as is the case with many hill towns, staying overnight in San Gimignano often is a more fulfilling experience than just visiting for the day. It’s a beautifully picturesque walled town […]

Cheap Hostels in San Gimignano

Much of Italy is well-known for its hill towns, and Tuscany in particular has many famous hilltop villages. Volterra is just such a town. Tuscany has a reputation for being an expensive place to visit, so spending an extended period of time in a hill town like Volterra might seem […]

Cheap Hostels in Volterra

Lucca is one of the highlights of a trip through the small towns of Tuscany – its old city walls are its defining feature, and ring a beautiful historic city center. You don’t necessarily need a long time to explore the city, but this is the kind of place where […]

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With cities like Florence and Siena at its heart, it can be easy to forget that the popular region of Tuscany also has a long coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea. One of the bigger towns near the coast that many people visit is Grosseto – so if you’d like a […]

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Arezzo may be a relatively major city in Tuscany, but it falls so far below the radar of most visitors to this incredibly popular region that it’s usually busy with residents rather than tourists. What that means for budget-conscious travelers is that they’re more apt to find better deals year-round, […]

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Travelers in Tuscany may have to work harder to get off the beaten path than people visiting Basilicata, but even in some of the region’s bigger cities you may be surprised how few tourists you run into. A city like Arezzo, for instance, while being a substantially sized city with […]

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While many movies these days are filmed on Hollywood sets or in front of green screens and full of fantastic animation, there’s nothing that can quite compare with a stunning – and real – Italy backdrop. So if you’re wondering where some of your favorite movies were filmed, here are […]

10 Movie Locations in Italy You Can Visit