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A Little 2006 World Cup Reminiscing (& Hopes for a Similar Euro 2008 Outcome)

Here’s a quick one, just a little something to help us all get in the proper mood to cheer on the Italy Euro 2008 team, the Azzurri, in the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament. This video is highlights of the 2006 World Cup (and I don’t need to remind you that Italy won that in spectacular fashion, right?), which will be fun to watch unless you’re a fan of, well, any of the teams Italy played on the way to their victory. For me, this video just brings a smile to my face – if for no other reason than to hear the Italian announcers shout, “CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!” over and over again.

Remember, Italy begins Euro 2008 play (in the “group of death,” so named because they’re up against three really tough teams) this coming Monday, June 9, so be ready to think positive and victorious thoughts for the team. It’s the least we can do, especially now that team captain Fabio Cannavaro is out with an ankle injury before the tournament even starts… Yes, that’s the same Canna who was named European Player of the Year two years ago. Ugh…

Thanks to Chris at the Italy Euro 2008 Blog for the pointer to this video.

Forza Azzurri!