Famous Stilettos, Papal Fashion Inspiration: Italian Fashion News



I’m going to acknowledge right up front that I’m completely biased here, but I think Italy is the food and fashion capital of the world (not necessarily in that order). While I can talk with some authority about food, in that I eat it pretty much every day, I’m not exactly a fashion expert. I know what I like, but that’s the extent of it. And frankly, most of the stuff that trots down runways is so over-the-top that no one would wear it (the secret is that most of the time, no one is actually meant to wear it). I think I’m going to have to take some crash course in fashion if the husband and I make it to Italy, especially if we end up in/near Milan…

In the meantime, here are a few fashion-related news snippets I found out and about:





      • Italians want to look stylish, but they don’t necessarily want to be the ones making the stylish clothing. Tailors in Florence, in a partnership with London’s Savile Row, are trying to change that.

          • You might have thought that the fashion world and the world of the Vatican would never cross paths. At least not in a friendly way. You’d have been wrong.

          (Psst… If you’re wondering what to get me at that Ferragamo show, I’m a Euro size 37, and my birthday is next month. Mille grazie.)

          Photo by: Claudia Pelagatti


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