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Home Food in Italy [Videos]

You all know how much I love the food in Italy, right? And how I’ve talked on occasion about the fantastic Home Food organization in Italy? Well, enough of my going on and on about how awesome it is and how you should totally sign up to do a Home Food dinner during your Italy trip – it’s someone else’s turn to convince you.
Here’s the episode of the great “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie” show (that once ran on PBS in the United States) that included a Home Food dinner.

Here’s everyone favorite travel-gal-next-door Samantha Brown attending a Home Food dinner in Bologna, the city where the organization was founded.

This Food Network show, “Have Fork, Will Travel,” also included a Bologna Home Food dinner. In this case, the show’s host got to help out in the kitchen – but you shouldn’t expect to need to do that.

Hungry? Yeah, me too. Check out the Home Food calendar as you’re planning your next Italy itinerary to see if there’s a dinner in one of the cities you’ll be visiting. You can read about the Home Food dinner I went to in Milan, too.