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Weird & Wonderful Florence

Bathed in the history of the Renaissance, Florence might seem like the ideal destination if you’re into the offbeat sights. But every city has oddities, and Florence is no exception. Now, I’m not suggesting that you skip seeing things like the Uffizi Gallery or the Duomo in favor of these “roadside attractions,” but if you’ve covered the major sights and you’re itching for something that will make your vacation stories unique – or if you’ve been to Florence before and don’t want to see the same things again – then by all means, check out one of these stops on the tour of Weird and Wonderful Florence.

La Specola Museum and its Slightly Creepy Wax Human Models
Pitigliano – Little Jerusalem in Tuscany (which isn’t in Florence proper, but might be worth a day-trip!)

If you’ve got a sight to add to my list, please let me know! And check out the other sights in Weird and Wonderful Italy.