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Weird & Wonderful Venice

Venice is like an adult theme park, with the possibility for interesting and unique discoveries down every crooked alley and over every tiny bridge. But most tourists will see the same Venice that every other visitor to this canal city has seen for hundreds of years. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with trodding along the same tourist itinerary everyone else does (those sights are popular for a reason, after all), but if you want your travel tales to stand out from the rest you’ve got to look a little deeper to find the real gems. One way to do that is to seek out Weird and Wonderful Venice.

Here are some suggestions for what to see in Venice that’s a little off the usual path:

Kayaking in Venice (not so much something to see as something to do, it’ll surely raise some eyebrows back home when you tell people you kayaked through Venice’s canals!)
Living Chess Match in Marostica (about an hour from Venice)

If you’ve got a sight to add to my list, please let me know! And check out other sights on my tour of Weird and Wonderful Italy.