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Train from Rome to Venice

romatermini2Rome and Venice represent the two furthest points on most Italy itineraries, especially those of first-time visitors. These iconic Italian cities are extremely popular, and there are many options for getting from one to the other, but even though they’re some distance apart I still prefer the train. These cities are far enough apart that people who are truly limited for time may opt to fly, but there are high-speed trains now that make Rome to Venice by train a half-day trip at the most.

Along with the different modes of transportation you can use to get between these cities, there are also several choices for trains from Rome to Venice. The differentiation has to do with how fast they’ll get you from one place to another, and how much the trip will cost you. You won’t be surprised to learn that the faster the train, the higher the cost of the ticket.

The quickest trip from Rome to Venice by train is roughly 4-5 hours. Slightly slower trains can take about 6 hours, and if you choose a night train it can take even longer. First class seats on the fastest train from Rome to Venice cost about €90 and second class seats cost about €60. For those slightly slower trains you’re still talking about tickets that cost about €55 for first class and €40 for second. And keep in mind none of these prices includes the reservations you’ll have to buy as well.

Almost all of the high-speed trains in Italy require that you buy a reserved seat in addition to your ticket, and some of the longer train journeys (even on slightly slower trains) have the same requirement – so the Rome to Venice train you choose may require tickets and reservations even if it’s not the fastest train that you’re on. These are, incidentally, the train trips that make an Italy Rail Pass worth getting.

It’s important to note that there are two train stations that have the name “Venezia” in them, so when you book your Rome to Venice train you want to make sure you’re aiming for the right one. “Venezia Mestre” is on the mainland, and “Venezia Santa Lucia” is on the islands. Most trains do stop at both, but if you’re headed for the islands and your train only goes as far as Mestre you’ll be sad when it starts going the other way.

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