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Train from Venice to Rome

venicestationThe trip from Venice to Rome by train is not a short one, but there are a couple of things that – taken together – account for why it’s such a common part of an Italy vacation. First, these two cities are two of the most popular ones to visit in Italy, and often represent the furthest points apart on a map that a visitor will reach during one trip (this is especially the case if you’re a first-time visitor). Second, because Rome is the busiest entry point for overseas visitors and the vast majority of people fly in and out of the same city, when you get to the end of your trip in Venice you’ll need to get back to Rome so you can fly home again.

The good news is that although the train from Venice to Rome can take a half-day or so, it no longer needs to take all day or all night. The newer high-speed trains in Italy have cut the travel time for this trip to as little as 4-5 hours from station to station, which translates into more time that you get to spend actually on vacation and not in a train.

Those faster trains, of course, come with tickets that have higher pricetags. The Venice to Rome train that will get you from city to city in 4-5 hours will cost roughly €90 for a first class ticket and €60 for a second class ticket. Go down one step in terms of speed to a Venice to Rome train that takes about 6 hours and you’ll still be paying about €55 for a first class ticket and €40 for a second class ticket. And all of these prices are for tickets only – you still need to buy a reservation for each of them.

People who have the luxury of more time to spend on vacation may choose to save money and take a 7+ hour train (some even go overnight), but keep in mind that unless you plan to sleep sitting up in one of the regular train seats you’ll still need to buy reservations for a bunk on top of the price of a ticket. Longer trips like this one and trips on the high-speed trains in Italy are the ones that make getting an Italy Rail Pass a good idea.

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photo by Vokabre