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Villas in Italy

villaStaying in an Italian villa sounds like a dream vacation, doesn’t it? Well, stop dreaming and make it a reality! There are villas for rent all over Italy, and even though the word “villa” sounds like it is automatically going to be expensive, sometimes renting villa in Italy is an economical and practical way to go.

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Does my villa come with a butler?

When you hear the words “Italian villa,” you are probably thinking of some palace or castle-like structure in the countryside, the kind of place only the filthy rich can afford to stay in. Sure, places like that exist – and if you can afford one, go for it! If, on the other hand, you’re more of a budget traveler or are always looking for deals, remember that these often aren’t palaces we’re talking about – they’re just houses in the country with the fancy word “villa” attached. That’s all.

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Villas: Perfect for Groups & Families

Having a whole house to yourself can be a very practical option if you are traveling in a group. A villa in Italy will sleep many more people than even a large hotel room will, and when you split the cost among all the travelers the rate can actually be quite reasonable. With an Italian villa you also get your own kitchen, so you can also save money on meals by shopping at the markets and cooking for yourself.

Another group for which renting a villa is a practical option is families with small kids. As any parent knows, children have an astonishing ability to eat things adults find repulsive and then refuse to eat anything that looks unfamiliar to them. So having your own kitchen to cook for your kids is a huge perk when you are traveling. It can also be a huge weight off your shoulders if you can make one place your home base and make day-trips – it means you don’t have to pack and unpack every other night.

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Don’t Forget the Car

Of course, generally speaking, these villas are going to be far enough away from the city center that you will probably need to rent a car or find a villa to rent that is near a train or bus station. Because you will be counting on public transportation or renting a car to get anywhere, you will need to factor that into the cost of renting the villa as well.

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Be sure to read on for more information about vacation rentals in Italy, including some good questions to ask yourself and the property manager before you agree to rent the villa.