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WhyGo Italy Endorsements

We’re always thrilled to hear from WhyGo Italy readers – and even more so when the emails and comments we get include such lovely words of thanks! Here’s a selection of the things we’ve heard from WhyGo Italy readers over the years.

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I just have to say that we love your website – so much great information and we really like your easy style of writing. We’ve pretty much been using it exclusively to plan our trip – we’re so glad we stumbled upon it! I’ve recommended it to several people as well so thank you for making that available and sharing all your insight!

from Shannon M., Alberta

I wanted to drop you a quick note that we’ve returned from Italy and had a WONDERFUL time! Your help was paramount to that end. Thanks again for all the time (and patience) you took with me and my endless questions.

from Frank C., Delaware

We are just loving your entire website. And Jessica, you rock! Thank you so much. We’re headed to Italy for 3 weeks. We’ve been researching all summer, but your site makes me forget any stress or anxiety and just smile. (And learn stuff.) Great writing — thorough, informative, & an easy, low-key style. Just a terrific combination of elements. THANKS AGAIN.

from Sandy S., California

My husband and I were in Italy last month and I had to thank you. I used WhyGo Italy extensively in planning our trip and it was an invaluable resource. Although we were only away for 11 days I used your 3 week itinerary and tailored it to our timeframe. Your tips for purchasing tickets to museums and attractions online prior to the trip saved us hours in wait times (especially at the height of tourist season.)

from Edith L., Toronto

I am so glad I found your site. Best travel info I ever found. We are traveling to Italy for first time in [a year] and I am already nervous about what to pack/wear etc. Jessica covers EVERYTHING – itineraries, transportation, suggestions/ideas, what to pack and not, wear and not, weather, temps and just general travel and safety tips. Thanks to Jessica. I love this site.

from Ciableu

We took your advice and hopped a train out of Centrale and headed to Bergamo. It was absolutely delightful in every way. I especially got a kick out of your comment “..It’s virtually impossible to (get lost), because the old city is encircled by the old city walls – so if you stray too far in any one direction you’ll just bump into a wall at some point and have to turn back.” We did exactly that and took some amazing photos in the process. We followed your advice on so many occasions during this past trip and you never let us down. Thanks!

from Annie

We went to italy last year with your articles and posts as our main guide and it was spot on. We had a great time thanks to your tips!

from Kolba

Jessica, I just wanted to say that I am truly ASTOUNDED by the amount of information, obvious love and passion that has gone into this website. I have just spent the last couple of hours reading a number of amazing, informative articles and can’t WAIT for my trip to Italy, which I have been dreaming about since I was seven years old. Thank you so much for helping make my dream come true.

from Miranda

You always manage to shock me everytime you write about Venice, because you just write as if you really lived here all your life! Brava, you just managed to give all the essential info in just one go!

from Monica, Venice

Wanted to say “1,000 thank yous” for your spectacularly wonderful advice, tips and suggestions. Your column is so well-written, so copiously detailed and suffused with your love of Venice, that we took it on faith and went to “Jenice” by which we mean “Jessica’s Venice”: we stayed in a hotel you recommended, booked our tickets in advance as you suggested and confidently went about enjoying ourselves, instead of having anxiety and thoroughly loved Venice thanks to you.

from Steve

Right down to pointing out the fact that the walk from the station to city center is uphill is like you’re reading my mind and giving the most useful and direct info I could hope for as a lone traveler. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

from W.W.

Thank you so much for your detailed answers. I’m very impressed that you spent so much time checking out the details so you could give me a complete answer. Your suggestions are very helpful and I’m sure my trip will be less confusing now. It’s nice to know there are still efficient people around who are willing to take the time to be helpful.

from Kathryn H.

I just want to thank you for your many articles on Italy. I wish I had found them before I started my trip. … I just really want to stress how helpful your site is. I specifically bought this iPad I’m using because I felt I hadn’t done enough research before we left, and now that I’m using your website while I’m here, I am very happy. If there is anything I can check for you while we are in Rome please let me know, I feel I owe you a favour.

from Mark

Thanks for your amazing website. Have found it the most helpful yet. My husband, 10-year-old and myself are off for the first time to Italy in October, and you have helped us through a minefield of (mis)information.

from Sara L., Melbourne

I actually follow your itinerary right now and am having a blast. Just reach Rome and I thought of writing this comment as a thank you note for writing such detailed itinerary which is easy to understand and follow.

from Vaf

My husband and I are planning our first trip to Italy and your site has been an invaluable help. I love your blog. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a travel blog this informative, fun to read and easy to navigate!

from Susan

I am so happy to have discovered this website. We leave for Italy in just four days and though I’ve done a great deal of research up until now, I’ve spend the last three days reading your articles about all the places we will be and writing down your recommendations. Your style of writing makes me feel like you understand the type of experiences we are hoping to have. Thank you.

from Liz A.

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