Getting To & From Malpensa Airport by Bus

While I’m a fan of the Malpensa Express train that connects the airport with two different train stations in Milan, the train doesn’t run at all hours. This is especially problematic if you’re catching an early flight out, before the trains are running. The good news is you don’t have to pay for an expensive taxi. The bad news is you still have to get up at an ungodly hour (sorry, I can’t do anything about that part).

There are lots of bus/coach options to get you to and from Malpensa, both from the city of Milan as well as neighboring cities and regions. Here’s a rundown of how to get to or from Malpensa Airport by bus. Company names are at the top of each section, with information about the destinations they serve, ticket prices, trip duration, and contact details underneath.

More handy information for flying to/from Malpensa Airport in Milan:




>> Note that this information is correct as of this writing, but it can (and does) change – so be sure to consult the individual bus company websites or call them for the most current information about schedules and ticket prices.

Malpensa Shuttle

  • Destinations served: Milan (Stazione Centrale), Fiera Milano (on request), Linate Airport, Malpensa Airport
  • Ticket price: €7.50 one-way/€12 round-trip for Milan, €13 one-way for Linate. You can buy tickets right on board the bus, online, or from certain vendors/machines at Malpensa, Linate, and Stazione Centrale.
  • Timetable: The journey between Milan-Malpensa is roughly 50 minutes, with departures about every 20 minutes during most of the day. Buses run from Malpensa from 05:00-01:20, and from Stazione Centrale from 03:45-00:30.
  • Contact information: +39.02.33910794, Malpensa Shuttle website

Orio Shuttle

  • Destinations served: Orio al Serio Airport, Bergamo, Malpensa Airport, Milan (Stazione Centrale), Fiera Milano
  • Ticket price: €18 one-way/€30 round-trip for Bergamo-Malpensa, €10 one-way for Orio al Serio-Milan. You can buy tickets right on board the bus, online, or from certain vendors/machines at Malpensa and Orio al Serio.
  • Timetable: The journey between Bergamo and Malpensa is roughly 1 hour 40 minutes, with departures about every three hours during most of the day (less frequently on weekends). Buses run from Bergamo from 04:00-18:30, and from Malpensa from 09:15-22:15.
  • Contact information: +39.035.330706, Orio Shuttle website


  • Destinations served: Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport, Orio al Serio Airport, Brescia, Milan, Turin, Pavia
  • Ticket price: €7.50 one-way/€12 round-trip for Milan-Malpensa, €9.90 one-way/€15 round-trip for Orio al Serio-Milan, €20 one-way for Turin-Malpensa. You can buy tickets right on board the bus.
  • Timetable: The journey between Milan and Malpensa is roughly 50 minutes, with departures about every 20 minutes during most of the day. Buses run from Malpensa from 06:00-00:40, and from Milan from 04:00-23:00.
  • Contact information: Autostradale website

Airshuttle Nord

  • Destinations served: Malpensa Airport, Orio al Serio Airport, Linate Airport, Brescia
  • Ticket price: €45 for Brescia-Malpensa, €35 for Brescia-Linate, €25 one-way for Brescia-Orio al Serio. You must reserve tickets two days before departure, via phone or email.
  • Timetable: There are three trips per day, Monday-Saturday (except holidays). Buses run from Brescia-Malpena from 05:00-13:30, and from Malpensa-Brescia from 07:15-15:30.
  • Contact information: +39.030.2582388, Airshuttle Nord website


  • Destinations served: Malpensa Airport, Turin
  • Ticket price: €20 one-way. Tickets must be purchased in advance, either online or from Autostradale or Sadem vendors.
  • Timetable: The trip is roughly two hours, and buses depart from Turin’s Autostazione Comunale from 03:00-19:30. Buses depart from Malpensa from 08:30-00:00.
  • Contact information: Sadem website

Malpensa Express Ticino

  • Destinations served: Malpensa Airport, Bellinzona (Switzerland), Lugano (Switzerland), Mendrisio (Switzerland), Chiasso (Switzerland)
  • Ticket price: 40CHF one-way/65CHF round-trip for Bellinzona-Malpensa, 35CHF one-way/60CHF round-trip for Lugano-Malpensa, 30CHF one-way/55CHF round-trip for Chiasso/Mendrisio-Malpensa. You can also pay in euro, with exact change only. You can buy tickets online, via fax, or buy tickets on board the bus.
  • Timetable: The Bellinzona-Malpensa trip is roughly 1 hour 45 minutes, and buses depart from Bellinzona from 03:30-22:40. Buses depart from Malpensa from 05:35-00:35.
  • Contact information: +41.91.858.23.26, Malpensa Express Ticino website


  • Destinations served: Malpensa Airport, Genoa, Alessandria, Casale
  • Ticket price: €25 for Genoa-Malpensa, €17 for Alessandria-Malpensa, €15 for Casale-Malpensa. There’s a €3 additional charge if you buy your ticket when you board the bus. Otherwise, you can buy tickets online or at various vendors in Genoa, Alessnadria, and Casale (among other places).
  • Timetable: The Genoa-Malpensa trip is roughly three hours, and for most of the year, buses depart from Genoa twice a day, at 06:00 and 15:45. Buses depart from Malpensa twice a day, at 12:35 and 20:05.
  • Contact information: +39.010.561661, Volpi website

>> You’ll find more details and even more bus/coach options serving different cities on the transportation section of the Malpensa Airport website.


photo by darkensiva

23 thoughts on “Getting To & From Malpensa Airport by Bus

  • Jessica Post author

    Hi, Rosalind:

    All the Malpensa bus information I could find is listed above, and it doesn’t look like it includes Bolzano. You might have to take the train from Bolzano to Milan and then get either a bus to the airport or take the Malpensa Express train. It looks like it’s a 3+ hour train ride between the two cities, so depending on when your flight leaves you might need to travel to Milan a day early and stay the night near the airport.


  • Jessica Post author

    Hi, Mari:

    Y’know, I couldn’t find any contact info for that company other than the email address I listed – not even a phone number. You might try contacting the Verona tourism office directly and see if they have any additional information about it. Their website is:

    There’s a “contact us” link in the upper right-hand corner and a form to fill out.


  • G JOHN

    Hi there,
    A usefull web page it would seem for us non-Italians !
    I’m flying into Malpensa from Munich via Zurich – ETA13:20 and due to travel onto Reggio Emilia.
    However the bus listed above departs for Bologna (via Reggio Emilia) @ 14:00.
    Is there enogh time from my flight landing to make this bus connection ?
    If not what other suggestions due you have in terms of my getting to R-E ?

  • Jessica Post author

    Hi, John:

    Assuming you’re flying carry-on only and your flight is on time, that would still be cutting it really close (unless you don’t have to go through customs/passport control?). You can make that your first choice, but if you miss that 14:00 bus your next best option is probably to take one of the Malpensa shuttle buses into Milan (they arrive at Milan’s central train station) and then take a regular train to Bologna (or wherever you’re going).

    Hope that helps!

  • marcelius

    Is there a bus service between Varese city and Malpensa Airport and if so how can i get the timetable and prices?

  • Jessica Post author

    Hi, Marcelius:

    The only buses I know of that run to Malpensa Airport are the ones listed above – so, nothing to/from Varese that I’m aware of. I’ve heard there are plans to make a train line that will run between Varese and the airport, but it’s not even started yet.


  • Jessica Post author

    Hi, Kevin:

    Unfortunately, I really can’t. I know there are flat rates for trips between places like Milan’s airports and the city center, but I don’t know of a flat rate for trips between the city center and other areas. If you’re concerned about the cost, you could ask the taxi driver what they think it would cost before you get into the cab.


  • Aarif

    Hi Jessica,

    I am so lucky to come across your website! I must say it’s very, very informative – simpler than any travel guide book! Are the ticketing people conversant in English? I hope to make a trip from Malpensa to Lugano or Stresa in summer 2010.

    Thank you SO MUCH for this website!

  • Cari Edwards

    I hope you can help me, as I am truly having difficulties. We will be attending the opera at La Scala in March. We need to return to our hotel at Malpensa afterwards, and I’m afraid the trains and buses may not be running that late. Are we doomed to a taxi? Oh, please help me!!

    • Jessica Post author

      I double-checked the timetables for the buses & have updated this post – you can get a later bus from the central train station (see new times above).

  • robert cooke

    i i would like to know if there is a coach from malpensa or turin to go to casale montaferrato

    • Jessica Post author

      There’s information in the post above about the buses that go from Malpensa to Casale Monferrato and Alessandria – it’s the Volpi to Genoa bus.

  • sal

    I’m looking to fly into Malpensa for 1730 in Sept 26 or 28th. Is there a way to get to Casale or Alessandria?

  • Jessica Post author

    You’ll see from the comment above that there’s information in this post about the buses that go from Malpensa to Casale Monferrato and Alessandria – it’s the Volpi to Genoa bus.

  • john

    hi jessica, great information on your page. will be arriving in malpensa on thursday 08 september and am wanting to know the quickest/cheapest option to get to ISEO TOWN. any help much appreciated.

    • Jessica Post author

      It looks like Iseo has a small train station, at least from one article I’m reading, but it looks like it’s only served by local (read – slow) trains coming from Brescia. So you’d need to get yourself to Brescia (probably easiest to do by train from Milano Centrale) and then buy a ticket to Iseo from that station.

  • Debora

    Hi Jessica 🙂
    Thanks sooo much for writing a lot of useful informations and tips about Italy, those posts were truly helpful for me, whose visit to Italy is my first time going abroad ever.

    If you don’t mind, please answer my question;
    Can you suggest how can I get to a hostel froam Malpensa airport at midnight? My flight will land in Milan at 23.05, plus the time it takes to wait for the luggage, I estimate I’ll be ready to go at nearly 24.00.

    Are there any public transport that operates in that hour?

    Your reply are highly appreciated since I’m lost in this ><

    • Jessica Post author

      The Malpensa Shuttle leaves the airport at 00:15 and 01:20 (as is written in the article above), so you could get one of those to Centrale Station. From there, you can get a taxi to the hostel itself – there are taxis waiting outside Centrale Station at practically all hours, and if there aren’t any around there will likely be a taxi stand with a phone in it that you can use to call a taxi to come pick you up. Unfortunately, the Metro stops running at 00:30, so you’ll probably miss it. You can also contact the hostel directly and ask them for their suggestions about how to get there at such a late hour.

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