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English Translation of "Domani 21/04/09," Abruzzo Earthquake Benefit Song

The one-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated L’Aquila in Abruzzo was earlier this month on April 6th, and today marks the one-year anniversary of the recording of a song that served as a fundraiser for earthquake relief. “Domani 21/04/09” came out while I was in Milan last year, and I bought a copy of the CD right after I heard the song on Radio Italia. What I never got around to doing, however, was translating the Italian lyrics.
And that’s where my friend Deirdré of Countries Beginning with I comes in. She recently translated the Italian lyrics of “Domani 21/04/09” as part of her long-running series on learning Italian through song, so I’m happy to re-post a video of this sweet song and a link to Deirdré’s translation underneath the video player.

You can read both the Italian lyrics and the English translation for “Domani 21/04/09” on Deirdré’s site, and the Italian lyrics helpfully include the artist singing each line (there were lots of Italian artists who took part in the benefit) so you can pick out your favorites.
Unfortunately, it looks like the links for both the iTunes store in the US and Italy don’t work to download the CD. I can’t tell if that’s just a temporary thing, or if the download no longer exists on iTunes, but if you want to try you can click on the “Acquista – Download” link on the official “Domani 21/04/09” site. You can also usually buy the whole “Domani 21/04/09” CD on Amazon.