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Italy Ranks Highly in Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards

scalinettaEvery year the publishers of Condé Nast Traveler ask their readres to vote on “the best” of a whole host of travel-related areas – like hotels, transportation, resorts, etc. They’ve recently published the results for 2007, and I’m proud to say that Italy scores quite highly.

First of all, the compiled results of the top-scorers across all categories are crammed into one giant “best of the best” list and a hotel in Capri earned the highest score of all – a perfect 100. Not surprisingly, the Hotel La Scalinatella is a five-star hotel – the kind of place I could never dream of affording! If you’re interested in the Italy hotel that got a perfect 100 rating from the readers of Condé Nast Traveler, however, look no further than the Hotel La Scalinatella. It looks sumptuous. (Note that it’s apparently only open from Easter through October.)

Coming back down to earth a bit, three Italian cities are at the top of the “Top Cities in Europe” survey. Florence took the #1 slot, with a score of 84.8. Rome was second at 82.8 and Venice third at 81.1. And it doesn’t end there – Siena even breaks into the top ten, tying for 8th place with a score of 79.4. Also, in comparing the top cities in other parts of the world, Florence comes in third overall, behind Sydney and San Francisco. Personally, I adore Florence, so I’m pleased to see it ranked so highly.

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