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Search Italian hotels with up-to-date availability and book a hotel in Italy.

veniceItaly is one of the most visited countries on earth – and anyone who has been to Italy, especially during the high season, will tell you that is true. In addition to being full of amazing art, beautiful architecture, ancient history and powerful religious monuments, Italy is also pretty much always full of tourists. You can get away from the crowds if you avoid the more touristed cities, but those cities have lots of people in them for a reason – they are really worth visiting!

And yet with all those people crowding into Italy every year, the country manages to swallow them all up at night and provide each one with a hotel bed. How? Well, it is easy when there are thousands upon thousands of hotels in Italy waiting for you.

There is a huge amount of variety with the hotels in Italy, however, so if you have something particular in mind you will want to book early. You can choose from a small, basic 1 or 2 star family-run inn that might actually feel a bit more like a bed and breakfast, or a plush 5 star hotel where your every need is met without asking – and everything in between. The prices, of course, will vary with the number of stars, so you just need to know how much you want to spend before you look.

Italy hotels will not always have the same prices, however, even for the same room – so if your taste for luxury routinely outstrips your budget, try to visit Italy during the low season and get a 5 star room for a 3 star price. Italy’s high season is roughly from late Spring through early Autumn, so visiting during January or February is a good way to save money on your hotel in Italy (as well as your airfare to Italy!). You might have to bring a rain jacket with you instead of your sunglasses, but if budget is your primary concern that might be a compromise you are willing to make.

As with any other touristy country, the closer you are to the center of everything, the more expensive the bed will be. So for the best deals, look for the Italy hotels that are a bit further away from the main sights in the city – just make sure there is good public transportation so you can get back and forth easily. Staying away from the city center and using the bus or subway can be a great way to save money when you travel.

We hope you have a great time in Italy! If you need more information to help you plan your trip, you can read traveler’s stories about Italy and learn more about what is going on in the country every day with this Italy Travel Guide.

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