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Milan Makes the List for the Most Beautiful Locals

milanshootIt’s official, folks. Milan has been declared one of the “12 places to see really good-looking locals.” Allow me to gloat, while I also quote from the article:

The financial and fashion capital of Italy combines the country’s famous ethic of always dressing to impress with an urban-European sophistication that isn’t present once you get south of the shin in the boot.

It’s true, there’s something about the people who rush to and fro on Milan’s streets every day – an awfully high percentage of them are either knockouts or dressed to the nines… And more often than not, they’re both. I remain baffled at how the Milanese women manage to wear the stiletto heels many of them favor without breaking a heel or (even worse) an ankle on the cobbles and uneven paving of some of central Milan’s streets, but that’s beside the point. The point is that they wear great-looking clothes and shoes that often seem completely impractical, and they pull it off.

And while it’s easy to focus on the women in Milan, the men are nothing to sneeze at. These guys know how to dress, I’m telling you – whether it’s the businessmen hurrying through Duomo Square in their tailored suits or the young guys with their designer jeans, these are men who know what clothes make them look good. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re clean-shaven or not, either, they always look put-together.

Go wandering one weekend on Milan’s “streets of dreams,” the Quadrilatero d’Oro where all the major fashion houses have beautiful stores, and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful people you’ll see coming in and out of the shops, arms laden with bags. Of course, there are just as many tourists these days as pretty locals, but some of them are good-looking as well – so that’s like a bonus.

As an aside, I was surprised one beautifully sunny and warm mid-March day at how many people (women especially) were still walking around wearing their winter coats, fur collars and all. I asked an expat friend and she said that she’s convinced that Italians dress for the calendar, not for the weather. If the calendar says it’s March, then it’s supposed to be cold – so they dress for the cold. Nevermind that it’s actually warm out. (Global warming is really going to screw with the Italians, I think.) What amazes me, however, is that they never seem to be overly warm, even with all those extra layers – they still look great. I’d be dying. But I’m not Italian.

The bottom line here is that Milan is just an excellent place to see good-looking people. I happen to think there are lots of other Italian cities that match Milan for stunning locals, but I could be biased. To read the rest of the BootsnAll article and see what other cities made the cut, click through to the link for the “12 places to see really good-looking locals” story. And if your city didn’t make it, you can comment on the story – just scroll to the bottom of the page!

By the way, it’s not just BootsnAll who thinks there are beautiful people in Milan. A Japanese television program worked out a formula to find the most beautiful woman in Italy, and then they went to Milan to test it out. The formula was to have each woman they met introduce them to her most beautiful friend – and so on, until they met the 12th woman, who would most certainly be the most beautiful. It’s scientific, right?

Thanks to Neatorama for this hilarious video.