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Airfare to Sicily

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You probably know that Sicily is one of the regions in Italy, and that it’s also an entire island, but did you know that there are a couple of international airports in Sicily that you can fly into if you plan to visit?

Sicily actually has three airports with regular commercial flights in and out, but two in particular are especially busy.

Airports in Sicily

Palermo is Sicily’s capital and biggest city, but it’s another Sicilian city that’s home to the island’s biggest airport. Unless your trip to Sicily will be limited to only one small part of the island, you can certainly look into flights at both airports to see which one offers the better deals. Most visitors to Sicily end up renting a car to have access to some of the major attractions, so flying into Catania or Palermo isn’t likely to make a huge difference in your travel plans.

The following articles contain detailed tips on finding cheap flights to each of these airports, so please be sure to read both for more information.

There are budget airlines that fly into both Catania and Palermo, and if your flight plan has you changing planes anywhere in Europe before arriving in Sicily you may be able to switch to a low-cost carrier for the last part of your trip. These articles will tell you which budget carriers fly to Sicily, and how to take advantage of discount airlines when you travel to Italy.

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