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Milan in the Snow: January 2009

Over the Christmas holidays I kept reading updates from my Italian friends about the amount of snow they were getting, even in places that didn’t often see much of the white stuff. Well, one of my Italian teachers visited her family near Milan over the holiday break and she returned with a bunch of great pictures – which she said I could post to WhyGo Italy for your viewing pleasure!

So enjoy these shots of Milan in the early January snow, and thanks to Nadine and her brother Aaron for starring in them!

Milan’s Duomo Under Snowfall

Piazza del Duomo Under Snow

Nadine said that both buses & trams in Milan were running really late because of the snow; you can see the tram tracks on the right – one more reason to love the Metro!

Milan’s Posh Corso Como 10 Decorated for Christmas

Castello Sforzesco in the Snow

The fountain is half-frozen here.

Don’t sit down, Aaron!

Here’s a shot of your tour guides through snowy Milan! Thanks again Nadine & Aaron!

all photos by Nadine or Aaron & may not be used without permission