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Hotels in Milan Near the Duomo

milanduomoLet’s get one thing straight at the outset – hotels near the Milan Duomo aren’t going to come cheap. The Duomo, Milan’s enormous and ornately-decorated cathedral, is one of the top things to do in Milan. As such, it’s surrounded by things tourists are looking for – restaurants, souvenirs, and hotels. And none of those things, if they’re within spitting distance of a tourist attraction anywhere in the world, come cheap.
Having said that, Milan is also very much a business traveler’s city. Although you wouldn’t think business travelers would be looking for hotels right in the middle of what you’d think is the tourist center around the Duomo, that part of Milan is also home to many of the city’s big banks as well as the stock exchange. The bottom line is that there are hotels all over the place in the streets radiating out from Duomo Square.
Depending on when you’re planning your Milan trip, you could score a decent deal on even the 4-star business hotels near the Milan Duomo – this is especially true if you’re visiting on a weekend and the business travelers have left after a week of work. It’s worth looking, in any case, and if you’re in a position to splurge on a hotel room then there are few hotel room views more spectacular than ones that include an Italian cathedral.
The map below shows the hotels in the neighborhood right around the Duomo that are closest to the actual cathedral. You can find out more about each one by clicking on the map icons, or by scrolling down to read a brief description about them. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, just click on the map’s red star – indicating the Duomo itself – and select “Find Nearby Accommodations.” That will give you a new map with even more hotels in the area.

Milan Hotels Near the Duomo

Hotels Near the Duomo in Milan

Hotel Dei Cavalieri
Piazza Missori 1 – 20123 Milan
Located just to the south of Duomo Square and right on a piazza (complete with its own Milan Metro stop), the Hotel Dei Cavalieri is a 4-star hotel with 177 rooms. In addition to the Duomo being close by, the lovely Brera neighborhood and fashionable shopping areas are also a short walk from the hotel’s front door.
As this is a business hotel, you can expect the Hotel Dei Cavalieri to offer superior service and for the rooms to be comfortable and feel luxurious. But you can also expect things like internet access, WiFi, and their admittedly sumptuous breakfast buffet to not be included in the price of the room. The hotel features an on-site restaurant, bar, and terrace, and there is private parking available nearby (also for a fee) if you’re driving.
Starhotels Rosa
Piazza Fontana 3 – 20122 Milan
Another hotel on a pretty piazza is the Starhotels Rosa, which overlooks the Piazza Fontana directly behind the Duomo. This modern 4-star hotel has 327 rooms, and is close to many of the attractions in the city center. The closest Metro station is on the other side of the Duomo in Duomo Square. Many of the rooms include views of the Duomo’s famous spires.
Starhotels Rosa in Milan has an on-site bar, restaurant, and fitness center. Breakfast is available at the hotel, but that – like all other meals – is served in the restaurant and isn’t complimentary. Guests who are driving can park in a private garage nearby (for a fee). The whole hotel has WiFi, but that’ll also cost you a fee.
Hotel Brunelleschi
Via Flavio Baracchini 12 – 20123 Milan
Like the Hotel Dei Cavalieri, the Hotel Brunelleschi is located just to the south of Duomo Square. It’s another 4-star hotel, and it has 122 rooms and fairly typical hotel decor (not necessarily what you’d expect of a 4-star hotel). There is an on-site bar and restaurant.
A buffet breakfast is included with the price at the Hotel Brunelleschi, as are complimentary daily newspapers (in several languages) in the lobby and bar area. The hotel doesn’t have WiFi, but each room has a modem plug and internet access (for a fee). There are two Metro stations almost the same distance from the hotel – one in Duomo Square, and one in the Piazza Missori.
Hotel Spadari Al Duomo
Via Spadari 11 – 20123 Milan
With only 40 rooms, the Hotel Spadari Al Duomo is one of the smaller hotels on this list. It’s situated a couple of streets to the west of Duomo Square, and it’s decorated in a modern and elegant style with contemporary artwork on display throughout the common areas and the rooms. This is another 4-star hotel.
Whereas many 4-star hotels assume their guests are on expense accounts and charge for everything, the Hotel Spadari Al Duomo actually offers free in-room WiFi and free bottled water in the mini-bar, as well as a free full breakfast. That’s a lot of “free” stuff for a high-end hotel, so it’s definitely worth mentioning.
Galileo Hotel
Corso Europa 9 – 20122 Milan
Located to the east of the Duomo, the Galileo Hotel is on a busy street in downtown Milan, roughly equidistant from two Metro stops – Duomo and San Babila. This isn’t the most modern hotel in the area, but it’s got a solid reputation and a great central location.
The Galileo Hotel has an on-site bar and restaurant, and the word is that they’re planning to build an on-site fitness center as well. A buffet breakfast is included for free with the room, and it’s served – along with all other meals in the hotel – at the hotel’s restaurant. Internet access is available in the rooms, but don’t get too excited – it’s dial-up.
Hotel de la Ville
Via Ulrico Hoepli 6 – 20121 Milan
North of the Duomo in the Brera neighborhood, about midway between the cathedral and some of the best designer shopping in Milan, lies the Hotel de la Ville. It’s a 4-star hotel offering boutique luxury and 109 rooms. In addition to being a fashionable place to stay in Milan, it’s also considered a popular meeting point by celebrities and business people – so be on the lookout for famous faces.
The Hotel de la Ville has an on-site restaurant and two on-site bars, and guests can enjoy a free breakfast in the dining room next door to the restaurant. There’s an outdoor terrace with a retractable roof on the roof where you’ll find lounge chairs and a long pool, not to mention views of the Duomo’s rooftop spires. Also on-site is a fitness center and a Turkish bath.
The Gray
Via San Raffaele – 20121 Milan
The smallest hotel on this list is The Gray, with 21 rooms, but this hotel is also notable for its modern and sleek decor. The furniture throughout is contemporary but comfortable – although there is a sort of ottoman-swing hanging from the ceiling in the lobby, the guest rooms have no suspended furniture! This hotel is so high-end that two of the rooms even have private gyms – just in case your Milan vacation doesn’t mean a vacation from your workout schedule.
The Gray is a 5-star hotel, so don’t expect bargains here – but if you can afford 5-star comfort, you’ll definitely want to look into this boutique hotel. It’s located just north of the Duomo and close to designer shopping and La Scala opera house, and there’s an on-site restaurant and bar. WiFi is available throughout the hotel.
Hotel Straf
Via San Raffaele 3 – 20121 Milano
It makes sense that the hotel on this list that’s closest to the Duomo itself is also the most expensive. The Hotel Straf is a few steps away from the Duomo and Duomo Square, not to mention the other attractions in the area, and with only 64 rooms it’s also small enough to be considered a “boutique” hotel. It’s a 4-star hotel with modern minimalist decor, having been designed by an architect and fashion designer.
The suites at the Hotel Straf have balconies and views of the Duomo, and all the rooms are individually decorated. Several have massage chairs, all have high-speed internet access and WiFi (both for a fee), and there’s a fitness center in the hotel for guest use. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant and bar – and in fact the bar is quite popular with locals, especially for its occasional dance parties.
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photo by xiquinhosilva